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Millenium: Season 1 Episode Blood Relatives

It's actually a very sad episode, but one of those that asks interesting questions but of course never mentions the obvious solutions.

It's about this kid conceived by a strung out possible druggy teenage mum, who gave him away at one and a half. "Find him a good home" and off he was. Of course there was no good home. Not that adoptions generally end bad, but let's face it, Adoption is not the solution starting with A, that is going to put an end to unwanted children living in abuse homes, may those be inhabited by blood relatives or people who get paid for it. I am also not talking about A for Abstinence.

Halfway through the episode I could not help but thinking that right now, Abortion is the only solution to unwanted kids. I always get kind of icky when I hear the "you can always put it up for adoption" argument.

There are already so many unwanted kids needing a good home, tons of selfish people who just pop out more, because they need a dnacopy of themselves because their is not room in their shallow hearts to love a kid that is not blood related. Sometimes even then there is little to no love ...

But why bring an unwanted kid more into the world? When will people who are otherwise not close minded on the subject stop with this nonsense about adoption? An aborted kid will never know pain and suffering ... not to mention that the last thing this planet needs is more human beings, least of all maladjusted ones that are kept alive but have no clue on how to life in society.

The episode is kind of good, and I know that on tv you can't say stuff like this, but along with this "but you are his mother" stuff it really came over like, you cannot ever abanon your kids. Which is of course true, but it also kind of implies that having them in the first place is the only way to go. It could have been so easy to just mention that she was pressured into having it ... so it is not strictly propaganda, but so focused on this "how can we abandon the poor children" without any "why are there so many unwanted children in the first place" that it really bugged me.
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Red Fog

Shampoo Commerical

There's a Suave shampoo commercial (at least, I think it's for Suave) where all these women are doing their daily tasks, such as cleaning, grocery shopping, moving their kid back from the TV, picking out a tie for their hapless husband, etc. But you don't actually see the women. They're invisible.

What the hell is the point of this commercial? "You're invisible to your family and taken for granted, but at least you have great hair!"
Red Fog

Cell Phone Commercial

So there are three kids in separate situations wanting a cell phone. The parents are naturally hesitant because of the fear of high bills. But fear not! Cell Phone Company X now provides a service that won't have you paying out the ass for your twittering twelve-year old's phone calls about incredibly stupid shit that would make you want to remove your brain through your nostrils with a wire coathanger (Coathangers! No longer just for back alley abortions!).

The second kid pissed me off. "Dad, I think it's time I got a cell phone." WTF? I would have been backhanded if I said something like that to my mom! Though the dad was cool. He said, "I think it's time you got a job."

And these kids are barely teenagers. I do not see the need of any kid under 16 getting a cell phone. The only reason I got one was after I got my driver's license and if my mom knew then that I wouldn't be driving, she would have waited until I was going to college before getting me a cell phone. Seriously, I managed to survive until age 16 to get a cell phone. My friends called my house or e-mailed me. And I used the phone at whatever place I was to call my mother. So no, little Jenny, you don't need a cell phone.
Angie: Parselmouth

More Commercials

Two more commercials that irritate the hell out of me:

First, that, I believe, Kia commercial with the dad strapping the daughter into his mini van and she's talking, and talking and talking and won't shut the fuck up. It seriously grates on my fucking nerves. I have the overwhelming desire to slap the hell out of that girl every time the commercial comes on.

Second, those commercials where some retarded parent is talking to a character from a TV show and telling them that they need block them because they are too graphic for the kids. Okay, A-the characters they're talking to would be on shows that would air WAY after their kids should be in bed. B-Maybe I don't understand, but can't you put a parental lock on the show instead of blocking it all together? Why stop watching a show you like so you can half-ass parent? I guess I should be happy that they're not calling for the shows to be taken off the air because they can't parent their own children.
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Angie: Parselmouth

Still irritating.

I don't know what it was about this past Christmas season and car commercials but apparently it became popular to use irritating home video of one's child - that had very little reasonable connection to subject of the commercial - to sell a car. First there was the BMW one with the two kids screaming their heads off because they got the video game system they wanted.

Collapse )

Now, if someone gave me a BMW for Christmas I'd be screaming my head off too - but it wouldn't be aired 300 billion times a day on every channel to annoy the ever-loving fuck out of viewers.

And there was that other one with the tone deaf kid singing Jingle Bells awkwardly, stopping and walking off camera. It had NOTHING to do with anything! It's only purpose was to put that person's kid on TV and irritate innocent Television viewers.
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Miss Engineer

Because McDonalds wants you to eat at their restaurants for every meal: it's good for you!

Firstly: great idea for a community.
Secondly: surely you've seen this one. The ad opens with a little girl playing dressup, showing her individuality via outrageous clothing. Mom dismisses it by saying "it isn't what goes on the tummy, it's what goes in the tummy that's important." She takes her kid to McDonalds where the child, who is obviously capable of making good choices, selects "all white meat nuggets," milk, and fruit in her happy meal. Right. Because McDonalds is good for you, and kids always pick the non-fried sides. No wonder child obesity rates are growing (pun intended) at an exponential rate. Teaching kids to eat at McDonalds on a regular basis is probably one of the most irresponsible things a parent can do. Ugh...
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Angie: Parselmouth

It's still creepy.

This comm was born of our discussing the stupid Olive Garden, "Date Night with my Kid" commercial. The concept is stupid and somewhat vaguely creepy. We're pretty sure they meant "Family Night" not "Date Night." If that's her date night, the husband isn't doing his job. Or she's one of those psycho-type Attachment Parenting bitches. In that case I'm surprised he didn't climb up and latch on instead of eating the "authentic" Italian cuisine.

Video: Hit "View Our Commercial" to view.
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