January 16th, 2007

Miss Engineer

Because McDonalds wants you to eat at their restaurants for every meal: it's good for you!

Firstly: great idea for a community.
Secondly: surely you've seen this one. The ad opens with a little girl playing dressup, showing her individuality via outrageous clothing. Mom dismisses it by saying "it isn't what goes on the tummy, it's what goes in the tummy that's important." She takes her kid to McDonalds where the child, who is obviously capable of making good choices, selects "all white meat nuggets," milk, and fruit in her happy meal. Right. Because McDonalds is good for you, and kids always pick the non-fried sides. No wonder child obesity rates are growing (pun intended) at an exponential rate. Teaching kids to eat at McDonalds on a regular basis is probably one of the most irresponsible things a parent can do. Ugh...
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Angie: Parselmouth

It's still creepy.

This comm was born of our discussing the stupid Olive Garden, "Date Night with my Kid" commercial. The concept is stupid and somewhat vaguely creepy. We're pretty sure they meant "Family Night" not "Date Night." If that's her date night, the husband isn't doing his job. Or she's one of those psycho-type Attachment Parenting bitches. In that case I'm surprised he didn't climb up and latch on instead of eating the "authentic" Italian cuisine.

Video: Hit "View Our Commercial" to view.
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Angie: Parselmouth

Still irritating.

I don't know what it was about this past Christmas season and car commercials but apparently it became popular to use irritating home video of one's child - that had very little reasonable connection to subject of the commercial - to sell a car. First there was the BMW one with the two kids screaming their heads off because they got the video game system they wanted.

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Now, if someone gave me a BMW for Christmas I'd be screaming my head off too - but it wouldn't be aired 300 billion times a day on every channel to annoy the ever-loving fuck out of viewers.

And there was that other one with the tone deaf kid singing Jingle Bells awkwardly, stopping and walking off camera. It had NOTHING to do with anything! It's only purpose was to put that person's kid on TV and irritate innocent Television viewers.
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