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cf_media's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
This is a community in which to make fun of commercials/TV, Movies, Music, etc. from a CF standpoint. That's pretty much it.

Rules That Are To Be Obeyed:

1. No unnecessary drama. I don't so much care about flaming, but don't be a douchebag.

2. Keep it to Commercials/TV, Movies, Music, etc. Nothing about how you're so cool because you pwned a kid/parent/blue fuzzy thing at the supermarket or about celebrities and their kids. There are communities for that. This one isn't it.

3. Children of Men has been ranted and raved about numerous times in pretty much all of the CF communities. It's old meme. No point in bringing it up again here.

4. No advice articles. There is cf_abby_tribute for that. Same with books. There's cf_book_club for that as well. Magazine articles are fine.

5. Please read back through the community before posting so we can avoid repeats. Eventually an "Old Meme" list will be posted.

6. Visuals are good. Link to videos, if possible. There is YouTube, Google Video, official websites, etc.